Work Package 1

Processes controlling climate change impacts for anthropogenic non-CO2 species

Work Package 1 focuses on investigating climate processes that control anthropogenic non-CO2 radiative forcers using observations (e.g., aerosol particle mass concentrations, optical and chemical properties, gaseous compound concentrations).  This Work Package will provide information on climate-relevant gases and aerosol properties from available field data to constrain numerical sensitivity simulations of the chemistry and microphysical and optical properties of aerosols and their forcing and feedback mechanisms.

One major WP1 outcome is the compilation of existing datasets of in-situ and column integrated aerosols and gas-phase species (WP1 Task 1.1). The data will be gathered and made accessible for the advanced analysis of available data (WP1 Task 1.2), advanced model representation (WP1 Task 1.3), analysis and evaluation of model improvements (WP3), performance evaluation of regional climate models (WP4) and regional and urban multi-scale climate impacts (WP6)

Work Package Lead: CSIC

Marco Pandolfi

He is currently a scientific researcher at the Institute of Environmental Analysis and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC) in Barcelona, Spain. He is the scientific coordinator of one of the research lines of the IDAEA-CSIC aimed at studying the optical properties of atmospheric aerosol particles by both in-situ surface and remote sensing techniques.

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