Work Package 3

Improvements in Earth System Modelling for Climate Applications

Brief description

WP3 aims to advance the implementation of key processes associated with non-CO2 climate forcers in two Earth system models, EC-Earth4 and EMAC. EC-Earth4 is the next version of the European consortium Earth system model EC-Earth, which is currently under development. EMAC (ECHAM5/MESSy for Atmospheric Chemistry) is a multi-institutional project to develop a comprehensive Earth system model with special focus on atmospheric chemistry and its interactions and feedbacks on the climate system. New modules providing more advanced descriptions of aerosols and atmospheric chemistry will be implemented in both systems and evaluated against a variety of observations. WP3 outcomes will contribute to the progress of EC-Earth4 and EMAC physico-chemical and aerosol radiation-cloud-interaction processes. 

Co-leads of WP3: BSC and KNMI

Other participants: MPI-C, ECMWF, FMI, CSIC, UH

Oriol Jorba is co-Group leader of the Atmospheric Composition group at the Earth Sciences Department of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC). His research expertise includes atmospheric chemistry processes. He leads the development of online meteorology-chemistry models at BSC.

Twan van Noije is a senior scientist at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), in the “R&D Weather and Climate Models” department. His research focuses on the role of aerosols and other near-term climate forcers in Earth’s climate system. He actively contributes to the development of the Earth system model EC-Earth, and leads the Atmospheric Composition working group of the EC-Earth consortium.