Work Package 5

Multiscale emissions processing and development of scenarios for model projections

WP5 will focus on processing regional and global emissions and prepare the scenarios from IPCC SSPs and new nationally tuned scenarios (in collaboration with WP7). These will form the basis of WP6 projections. Innovatively, we will investigate the impact of local adaptation measures on biogenic emissions from urban green to refine existing scenarios. We will also examine the sensitivities to different source sectors (e.g., transport, agriculture and energy) to ensure they reflect national changes from transitioning to a low or even a zero-carbon world (e.g., land-cover/land-use, as well as technology adoption), which are not necessarily reflected adequately in global scenarios, such as IPCC SSPs. Emissions will be derived from WP5 using the improved EDGAR emissions taking account of national response to augment IPCC SSP scenarios. 


WP 5 Partners