Work Package 6

Multiscale projections to quantify contributions and impacts on climate, weather, air quality and health

Future projections for period spanning from 2010-2020, 2025-2035 and 2045-2055 will be conducted in WP6. For brevity these periods are labelled as 2015, 2030, 2050, respectively, and ‘represent’ decadal periods undertaken in WP6, where we will advance the global assessments (e.g., IPCC AR5 and AR6) of typically about 100 km resolution to significantly higher resolution of 10 km at regional scales. For selected urban areas (Hamburg, London, Milan and Prague) we will zoom down to higher resolutions of 1-2 km (for convection permitting simulations) to investigate signals of climate change driven by specific non-CO2 radiative forcers on urban climate.